Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Passover 2017 Games

I am always excited about festivals specially about Passover and Rosh Hashanah. But one thing that gets me thinking about festivals is how to make it different? How to celebrate Passover this year differently than last year.

Celebrating such auspicious occasions in the same manner every year can be really boring. But coming up with new ideas every single time is hard. Such festivals are a reason for get together of family members and you do not want to just chit chat like any regular day of the year.

You can plan a trip with your family  and if you cannot go out anywhere else you should at least plan on some fun games and delicious recipes. Now you must have started thinking isn't playing those old games too childish also if you decide to do so, you cannot think of one. Do not worry, here I am to suggest you with different games you can play this Passover.

Passover 2017 Games Ideas

Bring some fun home this Passover by playing these games with family and the little ones in your house. Why you should play these games? Well, the answer is very clear. It will let you spend quality time with JUST YOUR FAMILY. Also, you might celebrate it in different ways with the elders in your family but those little kids remain left out as they are have no clue of those parties and crackers. For them its just these little games with family and cousins that bring smile. Let's look at some games you can play.

The Q-Card

Okay, so what you will be doing in this game is you will set some questions regarding Passover and Passover history on q-cards. Then ask the family members to sit in the circle and each one picks a card and answers the question. If he or she gets it wrong then, all decide the penalty for that person. You can also make this more fun. I'll tell you how in another version of this game.

The Guessing Game

You have to seat in the arrangement as in the earlier example and each player takes turn one by one. When its a players turn you blindfold that player and ask him to pick a card which has some situation, story or character of passover written on it. Then he has to ask questions and others can reply in only YES/NO. If the player guesses it right in 5 attempts he wins. Isn't that interesting?

Dumb Charades  

Well you must be playing this game every now and then but lets just spice it up and give it a Passover twist and keep the concept confined to Passover or Pesach. Well, I just told you 3 different versions of same game, now you can pick any game and in this way relate it to Passover. 

Hope you liked it!



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