Thursday, 15 December 2016

Passover 2017 Dates

Passover 2016 was a great experience for me and super excited for next year. I wish Passover 2017 happens to be an awesome new beginning for everyone. As it is believed "It's never late to start something good" then why not bring a change this Pesach. I am all set to celebrate this jewish festival, are you? Here's Passover 2017 Dates for you!

passover 2017 dates

Passover 2017 Dates

Passover is celebrated as sign of freedom, symbol of justice and equality. It is generally a week long festival.  In 2016, Pesach began on April 22 and ended on Saturday, April 30. While, in 2017 Pesach begins Monday, April 10 and ends on Tuesday, April 18. 

The first evening of Passover is celebrated as Passover Seder, thus in 2017 it would be on April 10. The first 2 days are no work allowed holidays which means in 2017 it would be April 10 & April 11. To be precise, no work holidays are on Monday and Tuesday.

In such cases, lazy people like me get extra happy as you get those extra lazy, no work days apart from Saturday & Sunday. As for me it would be so not good if holidays start on Saturday or Sunday, well you can say I am lucky in 2017!

Mark these dates so that you do not miss out on your holidays and so that you can plan in advance for all your trips, adventure sports, family get-togethers and Passover meals.

Here's a few resources to help you plan Passover 2017 Dates better! - A guide for planning programs in pesach 2017 - Cook some yummy deserts and recipes for your loved ones. - Make a resolution, bring a change spread happiness.



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