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10 Passover Plagues In Order

Plagues are an important part of the Passover story. Though, I have covered Passover 2017 story in another post, this post completely focuses on Passover Plagues. You might be knowing them but do you know them in the right order?

Well, for those who do not know the complete history of plagues, here's a short overlook at importance of plagues in Passover. God sent a series of plagues to help his men from the injustice of cruel ruler of Egypt, Pharaoh.

passover plagues

10 Passover Plagues In Order

God sent several plagues one after the other, but cruel ruler would never accept his defeat and surrender. He got more harsh against his slaves and God continued to send plagues. Several Plagues included, Frogs covering the complete land, Locusts, Hordes of wild animal and many more.

Let's look at all of them in order.

The Series of plagues started with turning Nile water to blood. 

Then Frogs were sent to cover the complete land of Egypt. 

After Frogs, Lice infected all living beings including animals.

Next, hordes of wild animals attacked the city.

Death of domestic animals to stop the progress.

All Egyptians were affected by painful boils.

It was high time, natural calamities started to occur in the form of destructing hail.

Locusts destroy all the crops and food and people of Egypt are devastated. But Pharaoh was still stubborn.

All these events were followed by land being covered in darkness.

Now was the time for final plague and finish it all, when all the firstborn sons of Egyptians were killed at the stroke of midnight on 15th of Nissan month.

This is how, jewish people were freed and enjoyed the liberty of freedom. That is why Passover is celebrated as a sign of equality and justice.

Hope the post was informative. I will share a complete post covering Passover Story, Stay Tuned!



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