Saturday, 5 November 2016

What new you can do this Passover 2017

As we all know, every holiday or occasion is auspicious. Some holidays mean a lot to some people and the rituals and traditions of Passover have a greater significance for jewish people. Well, you should never wait to start something good or bring some changes and improvements to your life. But, few people believe in power of new year resolutions and starting something new on festivals and such occasions. So why not start something new this Passover 2017?

In this post I'll share with you some new things you can do this Passover 2017 and changes you can bring to your personal life and increase productivity. Start small with smaller things that matter and eventually move on to things that matter the most. I'll explain how you can achieve it.

Bring a change this Passover 2017

If you adopt these steps in your life, I won't guarantee you about success as, here I am not speaking about Success and other rules to achieve big in life. These simple steps will give you personal satisfaction and you can yourselves see the change. 

1. Start Small: You don't have to bring drastic changes to your life and change the way you have been living completely for these many years. Just pick 3 things you would like to change  in each aspect of life. It can be anything from health, family, work, your hobbies or may be all of them.

2. Complete what is left: In 2016, you might have taken up many tasks and not completed. But in 2017 make sure that you complete the incomplete tasks. The best way is, do not take up more tasks simultaneously. Do them one by one.

3. Take proper care of your health: You may be very busy going after your goals and giving up your sleep and food. It is good, you need to keep up the dedication but you can always keep a fix schedule and take out one hour everyday to look after your health.

passover 2017 resolution
Spend time with your family this Passover 2017

4. Take out time for your family: While you run after money, spend sleepless nights at your workplace make sure you spend quality time with your family. After all, all the rush and hustle is for family right? Sometimes just you need to show it through little gestures.



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