Sunday, 13 November 2016

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Passover 2017 Programs - Pesach 2017 Programs

Hey there visitors, are you ready for Passover 2017? Are you ready for one of the biggest Jewish holiday of the year. Passover 2017 will be celebrated in April 2017. This post is completely dedicated to help you plan better for Passover 2017. Passover 2017 programs can include anything like going on a holiday trip with your family, choosing an adventure sport to do with your friends and family. I'll share with you different ways and resources on how to plan Passover 2017 Programs.

Passover 2017 Programs

You can obviously go for adventure sports like sky-diving, water-sports and much more. But here's a few holiday vacations and plans for this passover. Spend passover 2017 with your family in San Diego. Upscale Gateways in San Diego, is a really special place to celebrate a festival like Pesach 2017. 

You can do Kayaking in San Diego and visit San Diego Zoo and Sea World. San Diego is a go to holiday destination among most americans. 

Upscale Getaways

Upscale Getaways is a special Pesach program. This is arranged across San Diego and Niagara. White Oaks hotel in Niagara and Ranch Bernardo Inn in Diego. The same will be arranged in 2017 as well. Do check out for their special events and arrangements for Pesach 2017. You can check out all their programs on their site.

Ranch Bernardo Inn,  is the one of the most awarded resorts in California as this hotel has won many prestigious awards. 

  • In 2015, it was awarded among Top 25 Spas in the USA.
  • In 2015, it was named amongst Top 20 Resorts in Southern California.
  • In 2013, it was ranked #47 in Top Resorts in the USA.
So why would you want to miss such a chance this passover. Let us know if you plan for upscale getaways or you have tried it in past. And if you unfortunately can not make it on a holiday vacation, no worries, I have something for you.

Also do not forget to make 3 resolutions this festival.


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