Sunday, 6 November 2016

Passover 2016 Recap

Hi readers, Passover 2017 is around the corner and there was a great celebration of this festival in 2016. Let me give you a short recap of Passover 2016 and the happenings if you have forgot.
Pesach or Passover 2016 generally lasts for 7 to 8 days. But Pesach 2016 lasted for 9 days.

Pesach 2016

Pesach 2017 2016

Passover 2016 began in the evening of April 22, which was Friday and ended on April 30 which was Saturday. So a complete week full of celebration. Also, coz it ended on Saturday, people got an extra holiday to relax and rest. This festival means so much to jewish people that they get super excited, energetic and enthusiast. Then after all the celebration and rush, you obviously get tired. It is obvious that you don't feel like going to work.

You must have seen social media going crazy on Passover 2016. All social networks were flooded with Passover 2016 images, wishes and greetings. Few recipes and deserts you must have seen being cooked in every house. Sweets and Fruits being shared every where.

As there are few food items that are not allowed during Passover, thus you might have seen, people coming up with newer and innovative substitutions and replacements. What I tried was, (actually have been doing this for few years) use matzo meal and potato starch to replace flour. I have mentioned it another article about Passover 2017 recipes and also you can read what new you can do in Passover 2017

How different was Pesach 2016 for you?

Such auspicious festivals are meant to create a great impact in your life and life of your closed ones. I personally brought many changes and took some resolutions that would improve my work productivity and personal life. You might have also done some changes and celebrate passover your way. Let us know in comments, how you celebrated Passover 2016 and and what changes did you bring?

I will soon come up with newer ideas for Passover 2017, how you can celebrate better!



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