Sunday, 18 December 2016

Passover 2017 Wishes

How do you plan on celebrating Passover 2017? Will you wish the same old way, in-fact how will you wish? To save you from old boring wishes, I am here with few Passover 2017 wishes to help you.

passover 2017 wishes

A list of great passover 2017 wishes

In this list, I will start with normal and basic wishes then will share with you some other wishes. 

  • Happy Passover 2017
  • Wishing You a happy passover 2017
  • Wish you and your family a happy passover 2017
  • May this Passover bring prosperity to your family
  • May this Passover bring happiness to your family
  • May this Passover bring lights to your family
  • May you get what you wish for this passover 2017
  • May this Passover finish all worries of your life
  • Hope, Passover 2017 bring you all lights
  • May all your wishes come true this passover 2017
  • Hope you get all the strength this passover 2017
  • Spread Positivity and light someones life this Passover 2017
  • Hope, Passover 2017 brings you satisfaction

Friday, 16 December 2016

Passover 2017 Craft Ideas

Passover is celebrated as triumph of humanity over evil and bad. An example of equality and fight against injustice was put up for the world. Passover 2017 is no different, I hope we don't forget the meaning of the festival while celebrating it. Here's some craft ideas for Passover 2017

Passover 2017 Craft Ideas

Passover 2017 Craft Ideas For Kids

How can kids be left behind when it comes to crafts. Also, kids are the most enthusiastic ones in creating awesome and interesting crafts. Hope these passover 2017 craft ideas are helpful for this years festival. 

Hope you loved these craft ideas, here's a few more Passover 2017 ideas you might like.

10 Passover Plagues In Order

Plagues are an important part of the Passover story. Though, I have covered Passover 2017 story in another post, this post completely focuses on Passover Plagues. You might be knowing them but do you know them in the right order?

Well, for those who do not know the complete history of plagues, here's a short overlook at importance of plagues in Passover. God sent a series of plagues to help his men from the injustice of cruel ruler of Egypt, Pharaoh.

passover plagues

10 Passover Plagues In Order

God sent several plagues one after the other, but cruel ruler would never accept his defeat and surrender. He got more harsh against his slaves and God continued to send plagues. Several Plagues included, Frogs covering the complete land, Locusts, Hordes of wild animal and many more.

Let's look at all of them in order.

The Series of plagues started with turning Nile water to blood. 

Then Frogs were sent to cover the complete land of Egypt. 

After Frogs, Lice infected all living beings including animals.

Next, hordes of wild animals attacked the city.

Death of domestic animals to stop the progress.

All Egyptians were affected by painful boils.

It was high time, natural calamities started to occur in the form of destructing hail.

Locusts destroy all the crops and food and people of Egypt are devastated. But Pharaoh was still stubborn.

All these events were followed by land being covered in darkness.

Now was the time for final plague and finish it all, when all the firstborn sons of Egyptians were killed at the stroke of midnight on 15th of Nissan month.

This is how, jewish people were freed and enjoyed the liberty of freedom. That is why Passover is celebrated as a sign of equality and justice.

Hope the post was informative. I will share a complete post covering Passover Story, Stay Tuned!

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Passover 2017 Dates

Passover 2016 was a great experience for me and super excited for next year. I wish Passover 2017 happens to be an awesome new beginning for everyone. As it is believed "It's never late to start something good" then why not bring a change this Pesach. I am all set to celebrate this jewish festival, are you? Here's Passover 2017 Dates for you!

passover 2017 dates

Passover 2017 Dates

Passover is celebrated as sign of freedom, symbol of justice and equality. It is generally a week long festival.  In 2016, Pesach began on April 22 and ended on Saturday, April 30. While, in 2017 Pesach begins Monday, April 10 and ends on Tuesday, April 18. 

The first evening of Passover is celebrated as Passover Seder, thus in 2017 it would be on April 10. The first 2 days are no work allowed holidays which means in 2017 it would be April 10 & April 11. To be precise, no work holidays are on Monday and Tuesday.

In such cases, lazy people like me get extra happy as you get those extra lazy, no work days apart from Saturday & Sunday. As for me it would be so not good if holidays start on Saturday or Sunday, well you can say I am lucky in 2017!

Mark these dates so that you do not miss out on your holidays and so that you can plan in advance for all your trips, adventure sports, family get-togethers and Passover meals.

Here's a few resources to help you plan Passover 2017 Dates better! - A guide for planning programs in pesach 2017 - Cook some yummy deserts and recipes for your loved ones. - Make a resolution, bring a change spread happiness.

Passover 2017 Cruise

I just love cruises! I can talk and talk for hours when it comes to cruise. Not just because of its luxury but cruise has various advantages. The time spent on cruise with family is irreplaceable. I will tell you how. On a cruise you get to travel, you get the luxury, fun activities like parties and dance with family. And as you continue to do all that, you don't get tired travelling. So let's look at some passover 2017 cruise activities.

passover 2017 cruise

Passover 2017 Cruise

Getting back to cruise activities and advantages of cruise. When you plan for a longer trip with family, sometimes you might choose to do a lot of things in short span and it may get you tired and leave no excitement. But it's not the same with cruise, in cruise you travel, you experience nature's beauty while sailing over sea, you get all the luxuries and fun activities and all that without hectic travel and journey.

Things to look while booking a cruise - One of the few major things you should look for in booking a cruise is its star rating. Like Hotels, Cruises are also given star ratings based on luxury, facilities and capacity of cruise. Though there are many more factors, these are the few big points. Compare among multiple cruise packages and choose the one that best suits you.

I will share with you best places to book cruise and best deals for booking cruises online to make your passover 2017 plan perfect. : Best Cruise deals and discounts available on the web. : Celebrity cruises, Experience luxury to next level with these all modern cruises. : Already booked a destination?  Plan your cruises accordingly with Expedia.

Hope you liked the post, this site is completely dedicated to Passover 2017! Read other posts on Passover 2017

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Passover 2017 Games

I am always excited about festivals specially about Passover and Rosh Hashanah. But one thing that gets me thinking about festivals is how to make it different? How to celebrate Passover this year differently than last year.

Celebrating such auspicious occasions in the same manner every year can be really boring. But coming up with new ideas every single time is hard. Such festivals are a reason for get together of family members and you do not want to just chit chat like any regular day of the year.

You can plan a trip with your family  and if you cannot go out anywhere else you should at least plan on some fun games and delicious recipes. Now you must have started thinking isn't playing those old games too childish also if you decide to do so, you cannot think of one. Do not worry, here I am to suggest you with different games you can play this Passover.

Passover 2017 Games Ideas

Bring some fun home this Passover by playing these games with family and the little ones in your house. Why you should play these games? Well, the answer is very clear. It will let you spend quality time with JUST YOUR FAMILY. Also, you might celebrate it in different ways with the elders in your family but those little kids remain left out as they are have no clue of those parties and crackers. For them its just these little games with family and cousins that bring smile. Let's look at some games you can play.

The Q-Card

Okay, so what you will be doing in this game is you will set some questions regarding Passover and Passover history on q-cards. Then ask the family members to sit in the circle and each one picks a card and answers the question. If he or she gets it wrong then, all decide the penalty for that person. You can also make this more fun. I'll tell you how in another version of this game.

The Guessing Game

You have to seat in the arrangement as in the earlier example and each player takes turn one by one. When its a players turn you blindfold that player and ask him to pick a card which has some situation, story or character of passover written on it. Then he has to ask questions and others can reply in only YES/NO. If the player guesses it right in 5 attempts he wins. Isn't that interesting?

Dumb Charades  

Well you must be playing this game every now and then but lets just spice it up and give it a Passover twist and keep the concept confined to Passover or Pesach. Well, I just told you 3 different versions of same game, now you can pick any game and in this way relate it to Passover. 

Hope you liked it!

Friday, 18 November 2016

When Does Passover 2017 End?

Hi all, first of all wish you have a very happy passover 2017 and a great year ahead! Passover is one of those auspicious occasions of all Jewish festivals and nothing is different with 2017 on its way.
2017 is soon to come, are you ready for the lined up jewish festivals 2017. I am just too excited and that is why I have this complete website dedicated to my favourite jewish festival Passover 2017

When does Passover 2017 End?

Well, you must be thinking if I am so excited then why a post on when does passover 2017 end? Let me tell you one incident that happened with me last year, I planned a holiday trip for Passover 2017 without knowing the exact end dates of Passover 2016. Due to which I got into big trouble, I missed out on a family get together that was arranged just after this jewish festival 2016. If you haven't already planned for 2017, here's a guide to help you plan for Pesach 2017 programs

pesach 2017 - when does passover 2017 end?

As I already mentioned about the problems I faced because of missing out on Pesach 2016 dates, I don't want you to repeat the same mistake this Pesach. Check all the dates, do check all the Sundays and holidays coming along with Passover 2017, so that you can plan better and book your vacations in advance. 

In 2017, this jewish festival starts on 10th of April and ends on April 18. So you have a week long time to plan accordingly and another advice I would like to give you is make plans in such a way that you have a day or two in hand after you return back home, as it allows you to loosen up and relax. This way you won't have to rush to work the same morning you return from your trip or you would get tired. The rush for work will just spoil all the fun the you had on the trip. 

As I said, I am a big fan of jewish holidays and have been celebrating them different ways and thus experienced a lot of things. I'll be doing the same for jewish holidays 2017.

Hope you like the post, I'll come up with more Pesach 2017 updates!